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  We strive to combine the best of both worlds: agility and independence on one hand; international breadth and depth on the other. 

  We tailor activity to address national differences in the media and choose the right ways to communicate with the press so that we always get the best levels of attention for our clients. From experience, we do not believe that multinational PR organizations are in all cases the right answer to deliver best-of-breed solutions for a given client over several countries:  Multinational PR organizations often have to work through local PR agency subsidiaries that offer varying levels of competency. 

  Over the years, we have established business relationships with a number of peer agencies working for clients we have had in common, based in the UK, Germany, Poland, etc.  and other non-European countries like the USA and Japan. Each of these partners has built its own impressive list of clients from startups to blue chip corporations and share our vision and methodologies about effective PR and corporate values.

  With this approach, we can choose the most relevant PR consultancies in each country whose skill-sets best meet the client’s brief… or we can in turn be selected by our peers to cover France for a foreign client! This provides a highly flexible –and efficient- approach that formalized networks cannot easily match. 

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