Media and public relations consultancy, social networks


About us

Nextual is an independent, Paris-based Media and Public Relations consultancy with an initial core competency in information technology Public Relations. Nextual has extended its outreach to a wider spectrum of industries in the professional and consumer arenas. Nextual also offers expertise in social networks and has put together one-day PR training courses for small and medium size companies willing to get exposure in print press, radio and TV.

Nextual works for French companies as well as international organizations of all types, sizes and sectors.

A team of experienced consultants
Our seasoned professionals are effectively involved and active with both the press and with their clients

More than 130 clients served over the past 30 years
From tiny start-ups to blue-chip international companies

We have demonstrated an innate ability to satisfy a wide variety of clients

A broad range of client expertise, from extremely BtoB (a banking anti-money laundering solution…) to widely BtoC (luggage, restaurant, heritage site…)

Domains of expertise

Stapel von alten Zeitungen und Zeitschriften- Nextual can Be your Press Office (follow-up with journalists, on-going relationship with the media, catch opportunities)
- Meet the press (one-on-ones, conferences, press tours…)
- Drive product loan and test programs
- Develop application stories and customer testimonials
- Negotiate special agreements such as exclusive deals, non-disclosure conditions
- Search for relevant opportunities through editorial calendars
- Get in touch with opinion leaders, trend setters, analysts, research firms
- Manage photo and video libraries
- Analyze the media, your market and competitors, and publish reports
- Assist in Messaging & positioning
- Train your spokespersons
- Write opinion columns and place them
- Consult on strategy and program execution tactics

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Have a drink- Collaborate on trade shows (stand, press room, special issues, interviews)
- Select an event venue adapted to your message and/or your company
- Create themes, animation, scenography
- Design and distribute invitations
- Reminder calls to guests, feedback on reactions and enrollment
- Prepare demonstrations for targeted media
- Speaker coaching/preparation through dry runs; preparation for multiple audience responses/interactions
- Logistics: welcome, name tags, audio-video, event progress and timing
- Post-mortem reporting: analysis, highlights, lowlights

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Male hand holding microphone for the interviewWe provide one-day PR training courses targeting enterprise owners, executives, Marketing Communications (“MarCom”) specialists on topics such as: how to identify topics of interest to journalists; how to approach the media; how to write an efficient press release, be interviewed, respond to objections, etc.

 Thirty years of experience at your service.

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Internet global communications

- Web 2.0 communication strategy consultancy
- Create events that mobilize the public via social networks
- Create on-line content (video/photo/animation/copy) to feed the various communication spaces, including articles, opinion pieces, testimonials, technical and commercial information…

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